In the general industry, you’ll find all those partners that don’t belong to our other two segments – heavy vehicles and construction and mining. We perform advanced machining cutting, with or without thermal treatment. We implement the best logistics solutions for the product flow, in line with the client’s demands.

Leax Brazil


We can provide any kind of service that involves machining cutting, from grinding, turning, hobbing, gear teeth machining etc. to heat treating and surface treatment, and so on. We’re a complete package and produce all sorts of things, from a small number to a large number of parts – that is: we are really flexible.

Our greatest clients in this segment, with whom we have a close collaborative relationship, are: Alvenius Industrier, Sandvik Tooling, Seco Tools and SKF, to whom we continuously supply a great number of outer bearings. We also have clients who produce pumps and electric motors.