Mission - Leax do brasil


LEAX Group’s mission is to produce high-end components and sub-systems for demanding clients.

Vision - Leax do brasil


LEAX’s vision is to become the most-admired industrialization and high-end machinery supplier of the world.


Corporate development and long-term survival require a continuous improvement in all respects. Any organization that doesn’t move forward, that shows no initiative and/or overlooks its own progress will be quickly overthrown by the competition. Our ambition must be to always reach for daily improvement, performing smarter, faster and better than before. When we face an obstacle, we just don’t give up. Instead, we do our best to solve the problem and deliver the best solution for everyone involved. Investments focused on improving productivity will always be top priority in our company.


Meeting our clients’ demands is and has always been our main focus. In order to keep up with our processes, we keep an open and honest dialogue. The clients that visit us have the opportunity to talk to our employees, so we can make sure their opinions are fully known by the whole organization. We keep in constant touch with our clients, so that their perspective regarding our products is always noted. We carry out regular researches with our clients to understand how they view our organization. Their requests are top priority in our company, as long as they’re reasonable and economically justified.

We treat all of our clients’ representatives with total respect, from the sales manager to the truck driver.


Mutual respect at all times can be expressed in many different ways. Greeting the co-workers and welcoming the visitors is one of them. Paying attention and showing interest in other people’s point of view can be another. Being willing to learn and to give feedback on what other people have done empowers the team. We support each other when someone is having a tough day. If something goes wrong, we talk openly about it to see if there’s anything we can do differently, so that we won’t make the same mistake again. We never speak ill of a co-worker. Criticism is always made in a clear and open way, directly to the person involved. Our core belief is that everyone is trying to do a good job. However, training and method are necessary if we want everybody to be capable of reaching their goals. Going go work every day must be something pleasant. We know that adapting new ideas and thoughts in a relaxed and easy-going environment is easy. We acknowledge other people’s progress as if it were our own. When our company achieves a goal, we celebrate together. We never criticize the company outside its walls. All issues must be discussed internally. The organization managers show respect towards the employees by getting them involved in the company’s strategies and approaches. Decisions are only made after we agree they can be made public.


We invest in things that are worth it. Costs must be justified and calculated. Our clients are ready to pay the due value for our services. We don’t waste resources. This means we travel economy-class and party moderately, both inside and outside the company walls. We also don’t change our tools or use new tools before the old ones are worn-out. In addition, we keep full control over personal tools and equipment in order to minimize unnecessary losses. We also use nature as a resource in our businesses. As a first step to minimize this usage, environmental issues must always be taken into account in every decision we make. We don’t waste time – ours or anyone else’s. We respect the working hours and understand that any extra effort helps the company move forward. This also means that we show up on time for meetings, and that we are always well-prepared, so that the meetings will be peaceful and efficient. All group companies help each other make good use of the internal resources before hiring external aid. Being able to produce, regardless of the cost, is something anyone can do, but providing the best value for money in the world entails having the best people and the best processes. The foundation of our production concept consists of investments with a great cost-benefit ratio. For instance, we combine old and new equipment in order to create an optimal production solution. Thus, our financial resources last longer and we can grow quicker by our own means. Generating profit means that the clients are willing to pay more for our services rather than just affording the production costs. This profit generates the necessary resources for our development.


A profitable product must have certain characteristics. An interesting product must also have unique features, in comparison with the competition. Producing against an agreement is our line of business. Therefore, our product consists of our production units and our productive capacity. Our most competitive strength is that our processes are more efficient than our clients’ and our competition’s. That’s why we need to cherish and develop our production the best way we can. We must be really clear when explaining that our production units are perfectly capable of providing services both today and also in the future. As a palpable product, our production units must be interesting, neat, attractive, and efficient. In short, this means that: We keep our workplace perfectly organized. This also applies to our offices, as well as to all of the common areas. We keep all equipment in great conditions. Our focus is to deliver high quality. Always. Disagreements must be reported and analyzed so that the root cause can be found, thus enabling its remediation and prevention against future mistakes. Every day, we assess and work on our productivity, availability, and flexibility. Everyone is responsible for their own work. We never take chances!