On Thursday, June 13th, Leax do Brasil hosted a significant event: the 1st Values Integration for its third parties/partners. This notable event was a unique opportunity to align the team with the fundamental values, institutional culture, mission, vision, objectives, and rules of the company.

The presentation was conducted with great dedication and professionalism, highlighting the importance of each of these pillars for the ongoing success of Leax do Brasil. The third parties/partners were reminded of the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork—values that guide our daily activities and position us as a reference in the market for heavy vehicle components and the industry in general.

The objectives and mission were clearly outlined, reaffirming our focus on providing high-quality machining and assembly solutions, with a commitment to exceeding customer expectations and strengthening our market position.

In addition to presenting the values and institutional culture, the event also detailed the internal rules that ensure a safe, efficient, and collaborative work environment. These guidelines are essential for maintaining the harmony and professionalism that characterize Leax do Brasil and all its partners.

To conclude this special moment, a lovely coffee break was offered, where all third parties/partners could interact, exchange ideas, and enjoy a moment of fellowship. It was a pleasant way to reinforce the partnership bonds and strengthen the team spirit that drives our company.

We thank all third parties/partners for their participation and demonstrated commitment. We will continue to work together to honor the values of Leax do Brasil and achieve our objectives with excellence.